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Throttle, Propeller, Mixture (TPM) and Flaps Controller For Flight Simulators - Removable Desktop Mount

Throttle, Propeller, Mixture (TPM) and Flaps Controller For Flight Simulators - Removable Desktop Mount

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  • This controller quadrant offers TPM and flaps controls for flight simulators.  The controller features push pull controls for each throttle, prop and mixture.  A momentary switch for flaps, push up to raise flaps one notch and push down to lower flaps one notch, the switch auto returns to center

  • No drivers are needed, just plug and play in Windows and Mac.  Been tested and works perfectly in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane.  It should work with any game that uses a joystick/controller in Windows as well.  Does not work with Xbox Series X/S.

  • This controller is 3D printed and hand made by me.  Uses quality brand named linear sliders/potentiometers.  Includes 10' USB Cable.

  • Dimensions: 9.25" Long, 5.75" Deep, 2" Tall.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
michael pearce
A few tweaks from amazing

Absolutely five star gear for the price, but with a few tweaks this would be amazing. I ordered the TPM with flaps but without the small trim wheel. I ordered the large trim wheel separately so I could mount the trim wheel under my desk directly above the TPM so the configuration matches a real 172. The setup and configuration where very simple and the directions were easy to follow, one note on configuring, if you use you will need to calibrate with that as well as the windows calibration. The things I wish were improved/added would be the addition of mounting points on the top and bottom of each component that match up with saitek gauges and panels (be careful drilling your own there are some electronics right under the top lid) and the amount of turns for full deflection on the trim wheel is pretty excessive. Other than that, don't waste your money buying anything else.

Jeremy Chaplin
Fantastic product, sales and service experience

I ordered the TPM module but requested some changes to include the fixing nuts and swapping the prop lever for a carb heat knob and nothing was too much trouble. Having now received the item I’m impressed with the quality achieved from 3d printing and the resistance offered by the vernier style levers is also great. I will be recommending to other flight sum friends!

Miguel Belart
Very happy and gratefully, i will stand attend for new products.

Thanks for the product, im very happy with them. I really recomended, i thing is the best price quality. Im from Chile, no shipping problems, come very good packed, from first view i was happy. Is very recomendable for who search a TPM with flaps at good price and very near realy feel. Is robust box 3d printed with 3 tpm with 3 strong steel axis, similar feeleng and friction at real TPM, the knobs are 3d printed and they are no like a real one but very similar, so they do the work excelent. they don have friction control like the real one but i thing is no necesary beacause the friction that have are like real one. Very happy and gratefully, i will stand attend for new products.

Very happy customer

I’ve been hesitant to upgrade my Logitech throttle quadrant because of cost but always wanted a tpm controller. When I found this one I decided to take a chance, the price was good and it seemed to have great reviews. I was glad I did. It was too simple to plug in and setup. Now my flight sim is more like my actual aircraft I fly. Great piece of equipment.

Joe Concepcion
Fantastic find!

I had been looking for throttles and flap switch to simulate my experience in a Tecnam P92. There are much more expensive options out there but this is every bit as good and the big selling point for me was the flaps switch. Excellent communication and customer support. Will even take custom orders. 10/10. Recommend every time.