About Flight Sim Stuff

I am originally from the sim racing world, I spent 10+ years in iracing mostly.  I have always had interest in flight sims though and like so many others my interest in flight sims peaked with the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

As I was building out my flight sim cockpit, I found everything was out of stock, yokes, throttle quadrants, everything.  Since I could not buy a controller, I decided to 3D print and make one. It started with just throttle and mixture controls, but I kept updating/improving it and now have a controller I am very happy with!  

That is how the controller came to be, so I decided to see if other people had interest in them as well and listed them on Ebay.  After a few weeks of selling, I was convinced there was enough demand so decided to open up this little shop, I converted my basement into a mini factory and now have nearly a dozen 3D printers printing 24/7!  The controllers take 30+ hours of 3D printer time and are hand assembled and tested by me. If you have any questions about my flight simulator controllers, please contact me.