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Full Size Stand Alone Trim Wheel with Removable Desktop Mount

Full Size Stand Alone Trim Wheel with Removable Desktop Mount

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  • This is a stand alone trim wheel, featuring a 5.5" (140 mm) diameter trim wheel.  The trim wheel is an analog input and has 10 complete rotations for precise adjustments.  No drivers or additional software needed for Windows or MacOS. 

  • Works perfectly in Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane or most any game that can use a controller.

  • Includes Removable Desktop Clamp

  • 3.5" wide X 6" deep X 7" tall
  • Includes 10' USB cable.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • Free shipping to continental US.

  • Under Desk Mounting Option Available.
    This option is a $19 addon, it allows you to magnetically attach the trim wheel controller to the underside of your table top.  The mounting plate attaches either with 3M VHB double sided tape (included) or by using screws (not included) to the underside of your table top.  The controller will then magnetically attach to the mounting plate, allowing you to install or remove the controller in seconds. The desktop clamp is also included with this option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert Ericksen
Full size Stand Alone Trim Wheel

It took me a while to figure out how to properly set up the Full Size Trim Wheel, but now it is configured and Works Great!! Once I figured out that I had to start MS Flight Simulator with the trim wheel CENTERED between full up and full down, it worked just like the real trim wheels. What a great addition to my setup.

Ankush Agarwal
Love my trim wheel

The trim controls are very bad on both Microsoft flight simulator and X-Plane. I was struggling with straight and level flight prior to this. This is a game changer - I would highly recommend it.

The trim wheel is correctly sized - has the right resistance to it and is very accurate/precise.

Bert Blanton
Fantastic Contribution to Simulation Realism

Trim wheel not only is very precise, smooth, and authentic but service was fantastic.

Jon B
Absolutely necessary

This trim wheel changed the game for straight and level flight. I couldn’t really achieve it before. But this trim wheel made it easy and realistic!

Amazing issue resolution

My full size Trim wheel had an issue and was no longer working. I contacted Shawn online that morning, and by that same afternoon received a message that a new replacement Trim wheel had already been shipped! Simply amazing indeed! Amazing product also…. Love it. Thanks Shawn