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Trim Wheel Assembly Upgrade

Trim Wheel Assembly Upgrade

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This upgrade includes the complete trim wheel assembly and Bourns 10 turn potentiometer which will give a more realistic sensitivity to the elevator trim and 10 complete rotations of the trim wheel.  The controller with the base configuration has approximately 4 complete rotations of the trim wheel.  This is for those who already have a controller with the base configuration and want to upgrade.  Easy to do upgrade, it takes less than 5 minutes to swap the old assembly out and install the new.

** This is for all controllers that have the square trim wheel housing, this will not work with the old round back trim wheel housing design.


Directions on how to swap out the trim assembly.

Unplug the usb cable from your PC or back of the controller, remove the 4 screws on the trim section and remove the 6 screws on the top of the controller (torx t10 or philips screws).  Unplug the most forward 3 pin connector from the controller board (closest to the throttle knob) *see update below* and pull out the entire trim assembly, fish the wire out from under the throttle slider.  Push the new trim assembly wire through the hole from the trim assembly into the main case, run it under the throttle slider (most forward section is fine and easiest) and plug the connector back into the controller board, red wire goes to the right, towards the mixture control.  Make sure the wire is clear of the sliders and then put the screws back in and all set.  You should calibrate the controller again in Windows Control Panel.


I have changed the orientation of where each input gets plugged in.  The Trim Assembly plugs into either the most forward 3 pin analog connection or the most rear 3 pin analog connection on the board.  Either way you should be able to follow the wire back to figure out which connector to unplug.   Contact me with questions.




For Controllers purchased mid October 2022 and later, I have changed the controller circuit board/PCB designs making it even more simple to remove and swap out the trim assembly.  Unplug the USB cable from the controller then remove the 6 screws from the lid and the 4 screws from the trim section.  On the inside of the main case to the left there is a 3 pin connector right next to the trim assembly, unplug it and pull the trim assembly out and fish the wire out the hole from the main case to the trim section.  To install the new assembly fish the wire through the hole from the trim section into the main case and plug the new trim assembly into the same 3 pin connector with red wire towards the front/throttle knob.  Put the 4 screws back into the trim section and 6 screws for the lid of the main case.  Calibrate in Windows Control Panel and should be good to go!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shelby Gunter
Trim Wheel Assembky Upgrade is GREAT

I fly a real C-182 often. BUT I stay IFR proficent with my simulator. I stay current in the real C-182. The Flight Sim Stuff trim assembly upgrade has made it possible to get my SIM C-182 trimmed out as I can in my real C-182. And for the price of 20 minutes of flight time in the real C-182.

Jody Gregg
Great Product - Excellent Purchase Experience X2!

My order was shipped immediately and delivery was fast. The trim wheel arrived safely packed and installation was a breeze. Product quality is top notch and the price is fair. An excellent product and purchase experience. Shawn is fantastic to deal with. Would give more than 5 starts if it were an option.

Michael Lektorich

Trim Wheel Assembly Upgrade